Whether a homeowner or buyer, Monika loves helping you save. All her listings average 16.8% over asking with multiple offers in 14 days or less. She's negotiated savings over a million dollars total for different buyers over the years. Monika has years of previous experience at Better Homes and Gardens, Mason-McDuffie, and Keller Williams. With her media background at the University of San Francisco, she's a laser-pointer of marketing strategy, tech-savvy, and communication. Having lived in Japan for one year on rural, subtropical Miyako-island, Okinawa, Monika easily navigates multiple viewpoints, facilitates communication, is focused and determined while open-minded and flexible. Building enduring trust relationships with clients has been Monika's focus for the last 20 years. Before she fell in love with San Francisco, Monika was a radio personality and property manager born and raised in Alaska. As a house-sitter, she's lived in nearly 100 Bay-Area neighborhoods and hundreds of people have already trusted her with the keys to their home. With a commitment to social justice and presence in the moment Monika will make your next transaction a win-win.